Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Today's featured opera - Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte

Today's featured opera on "What's Opera, Doc?" Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte, with Schwarzkopf, Ludwig, Steffek, Kraus, Taddei and Berry. Bohm conducts. 1962 Angel recording.

Tune in at 10AM EST, the link is to your right, or HERE. WHFR.FM
go to "Listen Live" and your Media Player of choice will open and stream the broadcast.
Enjoy - this is a landmark recording folks - major stars in this cast, although personally, Bohm is a leeeetle slow in his tempi for my taste.


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Blogger Princess Alpenrose said...

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10:01 AM  
Blogger Princess Alpenrose said...

Love your blog, will try to listen in!

ps i bet Bohm's tempi drove the singers crazy, too. breath control v. conductor's tempo ... argh!

(you gotta turn on the spam-blocker word verification, girl!)

10:03 AM  

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