Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A regular day in the opera hood - Parsifal with George London

Todays show, which you can access by clicking the HERE, which will take you to the radio station Internet Stream, will be playing Parsifal, the following recording. 10 AM-1PM EST (-5 GMT)
Hans Knappertsbusch (cond) Marta Mödl (Kundry), Wolfgang Windgassen (Parsifal), George London (Amfortas), Ludwing Weber (Gunermanz), Hermann Uhde (Klingsor), Arnold van Mill (Tiruel). Chorus and Orchestra of the Bayreuth Festival (1951).

It is a safe assumption that I will have to break it up over 2 shows, this week and next week. Classical programming ends at 1PM on Tuesday at the station.
:) end of transmission, WOD


Blogger Andrea said...

So I was assuming WHFR was some NPR station, or maybe just a station that played classical music. Then I went to check out the website (though sadly I missed your broadcast AGAIN! 10-1 is a busy time of day for me). And I realize this is one crazy station! (in a good way) I read and understand the mission, but I'm wondering if students come up with their own shows based on genres they want to play? As long as there is variety?

I was confused by the "40% classical" line...looked like 90% rock/indie/hip-hop/alternative stuff to me. Not that that's bad. I was particularly cracked up by the video game soundtrack show! I am curious about that :)

3:40 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

OK, duh...now I see the 2 am to 10 am block of "classical"! Somehow my eyes skimmed right over that.

3:43 PM  

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