Tuesday, May 30, 2006

10 AM Tuesdays opera - Tchaikovskys Pique Dame - Hvorostovsky, Freni, Leiferkus, Forrester

Good Morning!

Again with the backorder/shipping problems. (hey - holiday weekend) so yet another break from maestro Mozart and a visit from Tchaikovsky, who will be making his first appearance on What's Opera Doc?

The Opera: Pique Dame.

Maureen Forrester, Vladimir Atlantov, Mirella Freni, Katherine Ciesinski, Dominique Labelle,
Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Ernesto Gavazzi, Janice Taylor, Julian Rodescu, Dennis Petersen,
Richard Clement, Jorge Chaminé, Tanya Roudenko, Sergei Leiferkus

Conductor: Seiji Ozawa
Orchestra/Ensemble: Boston Symphony Orchestra, Tanglewood Festival Chorus, American Boychoir

Mozart should be back with us next week, with Die Entferung aus dem Serail.


Blogger Princess Alpenrose said...

Freni as Liza. Yowza!!! I can't wait to hear this one, when technology permits.

ps I wonder how good her Russian diction is?

7:36 PM  
Blogger Princess Alpenrose said...

Oh and btw, the Ciesinski sisters (Katherine and Christine) were the "it" rising star opera singers in my hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, when I was a kid. How's that for ironic?

Still haven't dared look up how much this recording costs ...

3:42 PM  

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