Monday, February 06, 2006

Mitridate Rei di Ponto - Tuesday, 10AM-1PM, WHFR -What's Opera, Doc? A coloratura-fest!

Today and tomorrow are going to be busy, busy, busy, so you get Tuesdays' post today.
Tuesdays Mozart Madness opera is a coloratura fest for the ears - Mitridate Re di Ponto, with La Bartoli, Natalie Dessay, Giuseppe Sabbatini, Juan Diego Florez, Brian Asawa, Sandrine Piau, and Helene Le Corre.
Christopher Rousset conducts.
Regular readers know that I worship the ground La Bartoli walks on, Dessay is no slouch in my book, but that movie "Le Rossingol" was a bit goofy, I still think Asawa's sound is too one-dimensional (I'm basing that on his performance as Oberon - leave it for the mezzos - slaps his hand) and Florez? Now, I am no tenor-phile, but you gots ta admit, the man has chops, people.
My assumption is that he will take up as the leading tenor of the Italiante sound, and replace the Pav.
What are we going to call him? Le Florez? Hey El Guapo in DC, do you have any suggestions?
Air time as always is 10AM-1PM EST.Click here to listen live to WHFR.


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