Thursday, May 05, 2005

Tamino's serpent? Why...yes! Thats it!

A poster on opera-l (Hi Ariane) made the creative leap and called my tat "Tamino's serpent". I love the idea!!

"Zu Hilfe! Zu Hilfe! Sonst bin ich verloren,
Der listigen Schlange zum Opfer erkoren"

Damn straight, people.

On Sunday - in her honor - all music from Die Zauberflote.
While I am at it - time to give props, kudos, compliments to Ariane, who is the author of A Young Person's Guide to the Opera
This book is "an easy-to-read, entertaining book which explains the often-complicated stories of the great operas."

We are all about that at What's Opera, Doc? Anyone who brings this music to children?
Get thee to her website!
Better yet, how about I interview her?


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