Sunday, May 08, 2005

New opera music on the blog - and more about me - long post today

Hi all, it is Sunday, which means new music in the radio blog to your right. THIS WEEK'S THEME - lesser-known arias, with a few exceptions, cause I was hurting to hear me some Bryn Terfel.
We have Dolora Zajick weighing in with some phenomenal Mussorgsky, Ezio Pinza with "Vecchia Zimarra" (aka The Coat Aria) Jose Cura sings from Puccini's Edgar, and Ruth Ann Swenson from Meyerbeer's "Les Huguenots". All in all, a fun mix, with some old standards thrown in there for the "newbies".
Remember that the blue radio player to you right POPS UP so you can surf other websites while you listen. By why would you want to? :)
So I promised more about me, your host, WOD.
I have been getting emails asking if the recordings you are hearing are my show. Actually, no, those are just an extra treat - to listen to my show, look to the right, where it says LISTEN LIVE, and click on that link Tuesday from 10AM-1PM EST or -5 GMT, "What's Opera, Doc?" will play live streaming from the radio station at WHFR.FM, 89.3.
Another question is - do you do this for a living? Or, you should do this for a living. (I like those, so keep 'em coming) Nope, its ALL volunteer, listeners. I do this cause I like the music, and I want to bring it to the youngins. (laughs) Classical music is in an odd place right now, and since I am young myself, I want to let people know that its "not just for blue hairs anymore".
It also doesn't prevent you from listening to other music, which I do all the time. Here is a link to another type of music that WOD listens to on occasion.


Blogger Andrea said...

I don't know the first thing about opera; I only know a couple of titles, and maybe a composer or two. But I know I enjoy beautiful music, even if I don't know anything about this particular genre. I love to listen to the selections you've chosen while I blogsurf late at night...very relaxing :) Thanks for this site.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Opera Gal said...

you are SO welcome - come back on Tuesday morning and click the Listen Live link to the right, if you want to hear my live radio broadcast in real time. :)

7:06 AM  

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