Monday, April 04, 2005

Keep classical music alive - donate to WHFR

whfr is having their annual Radiothon 2005. Please join me tomorrow morning, Tuesday, April 5th from 8AM-1PM while I host fun classical music selections (instrumental, opera, vocal and art songs) and hopefully collect donations from you, the listener. :) My show can be listened to live at
Yes, this is a blatant request for donation dollars, but hey, I am all there is in Detroit Michigan. 313-845-9676 ext. 1. Outside of Detroit? We have a toll-free number
(800) 585-HFCC ext. 9676


Blogger Katie said...

Sounds like you have a FUN job! Thanks for inviting me to your site. Come visit mine any time! (It's nice to have some pleasant people visit. I usually have trolls frequenting my site!)

Can't wait to hear more of your radio show. I heard some of it a few weeks ago. Had to turn it down because I was at work and people were looking around wondering where the music was coming from!

11:13 PM  

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