Friday, April 01, 2005

I have the best job - My adventures in good television

Classical music lovers will recognize the title as a play on the old Karl Haas show, "Adventures In Good Music" . And so yesterday was an adventure, alright.
Before I start, I must give props to my WAY COOL JOB
who let me take off a large chunk of the day to do this when we were in the 11th hour of a very large project. Grazie. And hey, readers, you ever need a recording studio, CDs duplicated, or website programming/design/hosting, SoundQue is the place.

And so the adventure begins...
7AM - 2 hours of me running around doing hair/makeup, and taking client calls/emails at the same time. My gentleman friend was nice enough to come over to help me calm my nerves and give me a last look-over, although he is a Guy's guy, and at one point I kept thinking to myself - "I need a gay man here, stat!"
So I get on the road and go to the station - a lovely group of people, they had beverages, sandwiches (too nervous to eat) and hair/makeup supplies there so I could do a touch-up. How cool.
1:30PM - The "green room" was full of opera folks - some I knew, some I didn't, and the co-host of the show (since Michigan was the feature of this block of shows) was from MOT
and had actually appeared on WOD. She was very gracious and during the taping was commenting on how much fun it was to watch me at the station.
What they didn't tell me was that I was the featured guest for THE ENTIRE PROGRAM. 22 minutes of me - was the world really ready for this?
The host was wonderful - definitely an old pro, and they had the requisite cute-in-a-bland way cameraman who flirted and the hard as nails director. All in all, good stuff.
They popped a surprise on me - an opera quiz of all things. And I had to come up with the quiz question.
It is supposed to air in April and if I want a copy, I'll have to spring 10 bucks for it.
Maybe I can get BFE to tape it for me, since she lives in the only city who seems to care about opera in Metro Detroit. And she's in Flint, so what does THAT tell ya?


Blogger greatwhitebear said...

God, I had forgotten about Carl Haas. Back in the days when wjr had really good programming, before Rush, Mitch, and the other swill they currently foist on the public!

12:54 PM  
Blogger whfropera said...

You know he just passed away about a month ago here in Detroit. :(

Any requests? You can listen to my show over the Internet at Tuesday from 10AM-1PM. Next week is our pledge drive. I will beon the air Tuesday from 7AM on.

You can still hear Karl Haas in syndication - a station near here in Toledo still plays his old shows.

Did you know he played the piano for his theme? I never can remember which Beethoven piano sonata that is.

1:02 PM  

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