Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I'm not a redhead

Radio hosts are notorious for hiding their identity. You've all heard the silky-smooth voice that turns out to be not so super-smooth in person? Or in my case, if you're female, you just don't want the stalkers calling the station, which they do. I've been getting a lot of hits from Waiter Rant because of a goofy post I made over there (hi to all the nurse fetishists out there)

So heres the truth - there is no truth in radioland or on the Internet, unless I decide there is.
No, thats not a picture of me, thats a still from an opera.
Les Contes D' Hoffmann, Venetian act, for those of you who care. About 12 bars from Scintille diamant, if you're using the Oeser version. WHICH YOU SHOULD BE DOING, DO IT RIGHT NOW. ESPECIALLY THE ONE WITH NEIL SHICOFF.

Yes, my voice is kinda low, I am a mezzo, after all, but the board does all those fancy tricks to make it sound sexy. And I spend most of the show saying saying things in a foreign language, which heightens the mystery, so to speak. But thats not really me, ok? Its all make-believe. It is opera, after all!


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