Monday, March 20, 2006

Mozart Madness continues...Lucio Silla on What's Opera Doc? Tuesday 10AM-1PM EST

It just doesn't stop!!

What's Opera, Doc continues its program of all the operas, in the order
they were written. Opera #7, Lucio Silla, K.135 (26.12.1772 Teatro
Regio Ducal, Milan)

In three acts, The cast features Peter Schreier, Edita Gruberova,
Cecilia Bartoli, Dawn Upshaw and Yvonne Kenny.

Harnoncourt conducting.
As always, listen live links to the left. Or go to the station here.

Yes, folks its that time of year - Radiothon 2006 - which means we will
be fundraising during the program. Technically, the stream is free to
you the listener, but for those of you who do listen regularly or
irregularly, (wink) a drop of cash in the red bucket would be highly

You will be able to call in pledges at 1-313-845-9676, and a toll-free
number will be announced during the program.

You can mail in pledges to: WHFR, 5101 Evergreen Rd., Dearborn, MI
48128, and put the program you listen to (Opera) somewhere on your pledge.

You can pledge over the Internet by printing out this pledge form and
mailing in it.

You may know that WHFR must rely on listener donations to provide
approximately 60% of our annual operating budget. Thankfully, we realize how
loyal our listeners really are. Past consistent support during our
Radiothon pledge week has allowed us to maintain the operations of WHFR.
This 2006 pledge drive is more important than ever. With so much change
on the radio dial today, it is critical that we keep up the funding for
our non-commercial station. And this year challenges us in many ways.
Technology is always changing and equipment is getting older. We face
increased basic operating costs, with a few new ones added in.

Radiothon week (March 19th - 25th) is the only time in the entire year
that you'll hear our on-air staff asking for your financial support
between each great song that we play. So we ask you, our loyal WHFR
listener, to dig deep with your pledge of support this year. Perhaps you're a
new listener that just found us while looking for alternatives on the
radio dial. Or maybe you're one of our great longtime listeners who's
been with us from the start. Whichever it is, you play a critically
important role in the continued success of WHFR and what we stand for.
Show us that you believe in our mission.

As always, enjoy the show, and thanks for your support!


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