Monday, November 28, 2005

If it is Nov. 29th then that means the conclusion to Faust.

Same time, same station as the post below it.Acts 4 & 5.
Enjoy - see you on the webstream.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Today's Featured Opera - Gounod - Faust Gedda, Los Angeles, Christoff - Orch. Opéra Paris 1953

Good Morning all!

Gounod - Faust (Gedda, Los Angeles, Christoff - Orch. Opéra Paris) 1953 will be the featured opera on WHFR-FM, "What's Opera, Doc?" today.
10AM-1PM EST, or -500 GMT. Listen live at

Also, a PODCAST will be available here later this evening -


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Conclusion of Verdi's Nabucco with Scotto today

Ah, the joys of live radio! After the drama last week of having CD 2 skip horribly, a replacement CD has been purchased/tested and the conclusion of Nabucco should go well today with no hitches.
We will start at "Che si vuol" and broadcast through to the end.
As always, available at WHFR - go to the listen live link.
Or use the link to the right.
10AM EST - 1PM EST or -500 GMT.

We will feature a podcast for download later today if you miss the live broadcast.
Enjoy, and don't forget to vote today!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Yo, yo, yo...wassup wit dat Puccini guy?

Let Me Guess: La Boheme

Hobo #1: You know what, man?
Hobo #2: What's up?
Hobo #1: Yo, I balls out love opera.

--Houston & 1st

From the Overheard in New York website

my birthday sucked

ok, my birthday pretty much sucked...maybe thats why they don't write about them in operas - no one would sit through it. AND the Anna Moffo CD I got myself is DAMAGED. Blech. The WOD mascot cat Linus had a much better birthday, he turned 4 and got treats, surprises and a card from his girlfriend Yoshi.of vonKrankipants fame.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Its my birthday and I'll blog if I want too...operatically, of course

Have you ever noticed that birthdays are never celebrated in opera? I'm beginning to notice they never get celebrated around here either, but enough about my personal life.
Linus the WOD mascot and myself, the host of same show, happen to share the same birthday. That would be today.
Yeah for us.
Linus is going to get some yummy canned food a new toy, and Mozart (he likes Germans - Mozart, Beethoven, et. al)the overture AND the conclusion to Don Giovanni.
And since I control the mic over here at WOD, you also get to listen to the Act 2 (Antonia) trio from Les Contes D'Hoffmann. Neil Shicoff, Kurt Rydl and Jose Van Dam.
Mozart's Clarinet Concerto because I used to play that instrument, and Alfred Brendel with the complete Beethoven Piano Concertos because I always WANTED to play that instrument.
The overture to Traviata - this is one of the best overtures EVER written.
Ezio Pinza singing vecchia zimarra - he is singing to his COAT, folks.
Che faro senza Euridice - not just because von Otter is brilliant, which she is, but because its just so sweet - that flute trill in the intro kills me every time.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Todays opera- Verdi's Nabucco

Todays opera will be Nabucco, featuring Renata Scotto. As always, tune in live in Detroit at 89.3 FM, or online at WHFRClick on the Listen Live link.
Show runs from 10AM- 1PM, after which classical programming ends for the day. If I can't fit the entire opera in, I will break it up into 2 parts and play the conclusion next week.
Enjoy and see you on the air!