Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Who's your favorite composer in opera?

On opera-l there is a "whats your favorite opera" thread going on - I decided I had to post the current results BY COMPOSER, which are still being tallied. NOTE: There are roughly 3,000 members on the list.

For those who are interested, incidentally, here's how the list broke
down by major composers (with more than one opera) through 11:15 p.m.

64.5 Verdi
47.0 Wagner
45.0 Mozart
36.0 Puccini
30.5 R. Strauss
11.0 Bellini
9.5 Britten
9.5 Handel
8.0 Rossini (not including the lister who named "any five by
8.0 Berlioz
5.0 Donizetti
5.0 Menotti


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