Sunday, May 01, 2005

radio annoucers

Hi all there has been a lot of discussion on the opera-l list recently about the newish Metropolitan Opera broadcast host, Margaret Juntwait. I posted this on the list, and decided to repeat it here:

There's been a lot of chat about Juntwait sounding, tired, ill, stressed, dull, schoolmarmish, usw.

As a host who also does a program that runs 3 hours, sometimes it is physically taxing to speak for long periods of time on the air - it is very difficult to keep the voice sounding "fresh".

I admire her and all other hosts for the hard work that they do - am I in her league? By no means, but I am still on the air.

I have to read PSA's (public service annoucements), station breaks, local concert annoucements, new releases, opera synopsis for each act, and forward and back announcing everything played.

Its a lot of work folks, and some weeks I sound like Tallulah Bankhead, I'm so raspy.

Remember that its a job like any other, and sometimes we all have bad days. I tear myself apart somedays when my Italian seems to desert me completely - I spend a few hours every week planning my playlist and practicing everything I have to announce, only to have it desert me once the "on air" light is on.

Maybe it time to post a photo of the studio.


Blogger Nilbo said...

I hosted a daily show on CBC Radio (Canada's version of NPR) for seven years ... and I can assure everybody that what you say is absolutely the truth.

My favourite time was when I did a taped interview after a looooong night out and a lot of ... umm ... soda pop and cigarettes (I know, I know). Brought the tape back to the station and we decided to use it four or five days later.

Comes the day, and I do a lovely, spritely introduction. Roll tape. And a guy who sounds like a cross between me and Tom Waits hacks through a gravelly-voiced interview. Nice.

I sometimes think, though, that audiences can tell when we're "there" and when we're "phoning it in" ... which, frankly, we all do from time to time. And people have such passion for radio that they find it hard to forgive if you let yours slide for a bit ... so if people are critical, often that's what it's about ...

8:32 PM  
Blogger Marianita said...

totally unrelated to the post... sorry...
I just meandered over here from the (ridiculous!) comment section at Dooce. This is a great service you're providing! I've never seen an internet radio station like this. Great! I am taking a gigantic and challenging law exam right now and the music is really helping me feel ok about life.

1:04 PM  
Blogger Opera Gal said...

You are SO SWEET! If you want to hear me LIVE, tune in to
from 10AM-1PM EST on Tuesday (tomorrow).
Most of the duets are about love, some are flirtation, some are tragedy, adn all of them...wonderful. Thanks for the props. The music changes every week, usually on Sunday.

1:48 PM  

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