Friday, April 29, 2005

Must talk about OPERA today

I find I must talk about OPERA today, and make sure to pepper this post with many references to OPERA, because apparently someone at Google isn't too clear that this is an OPERA site, and keeps rotating ads that feature that creepy guy who appears on television in a non-OPERATIC role wearing a suit with big question marks all over it. Yes, folks, he who-shall-not-be named for fear that the annoying ads will return. All because I interviewed an OPERA SINGER and wrote about it here and they share the same FIRST name.
So what happens when I announce the 2005-2006 concert appearance in Michigan by La Divins Renee Fleming?
I'm afraid, very afraid.

Hey world - Michigan Opera Theater has a NEW OPERA PRODUCTION opening soon - Margaret Garner. Yes, a Lot of ink has been spilled about this exciting new opera, but I'm here to remind you there are still tickets available.


Blogger Paul said...

Did you mean "The Riddler" (a.k.a. the late Frank Gorshin)? Because that's the only person I know who wore a suit as you describe. Just stumbled across your site while looking for another. BTW, I'm blogging at

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